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Welcome to the Lleego API interface on transport content, you no longer have to worry about technical aspects related to the supplier’s connector (new developments, maintenance, updates, bags, seats...), our API will take care of your behalf permitting that you focus on your business.

Our objective is to offer a simple way to get integrated transports (GDS, NDC, LCC, TRAIN) through our API. To accelerate the development, we provide you synchronized access through Lleego Front app in case you need some request, test or you have doubt of some particular flow.

New versions (every 15 days), suppliers, and capabilities will be informed here, by slack or email.

We hope the documentation, functionality, flows described will help you to understand all capabilities, anyway, we`ll be available if you need support or guidance during the integration process.



User personas


User personas

Lleego has created this confluence with the goal of accompanying the developer in implementation process with workflows creation , facilitating information related our Api methods , structure and examples .

Api Developers or people involved in the implementation and workflow development

Jobs we want to cover

Jobs we want to cover

  • Providers capabilities

  • get credential in test

  • Methods explanation examples and structure

  • Architecture and workflow posibilities




Important! When you enter the URL of methods you can see in each method a brief description, the structure, and the examples